A customer who is also using Domino asked me today how he could hide the Domino version 'leaking' in the MIME informations like I does. In this short howto I will explain how to do that, and the reason why I think this should be done on every Domino Server, which send out emails into the Internet. {readmorelink}[...]{/readmorelink}


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There exist some parameter which could be used in the comandline (CMD) when you start Lotus Notes. Here are two of them:

recreate your workspace (notes.exe -RPARAMS -resetconfig)

clear your cache (notes.exe -RPARAMS -clean)

This is a collection of various tools that Lotus Technical Support provides in the form of technotes. These technotes usually require an Administrator to create agents to troubleshoot or workaround various issues. This goal of this tool is to eliminate those steps in favor of guided options to perform the required tasks.

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