This is a collection of various tools that Lotus Technical Support provides in the form of technotes. These technotes usually require an Administrator to create agents to troubleshoot or workaround various issues. This goal of this tool is to eliminate those steps in favor of guided options to perform the required tasks.

Weiterlesen: IBM's Lotus Notes/Domino Admin Tools v1.0 available

I just found a bug in the Notes 8.5.2 Basic client (the behaviour does not occur in the Notes 8.5.2 Standard client, but occur if you are using UseBasicNotes=1). The issue prevents prevents users from editing or creating profile documents. The issue happen if you use:


Formula language:

@Command([EditProfileDocument] ; formname; uniqueKey) or @Command([EditProfile] ; formname; uniqueKey))


Lotus script:

notesUIWorkspace.EditProfile( profileName$ [, uniqueKey$])


The current workarround is to switch to the Standard client (remove UseBasicNotes=1 or set it to 0). I have a SPR open (SPR # OIHZ893RHK) with IBM and they are working on it. I will update this posting if the issue is solved.


Edit 1:

IBM released a client fix for it. If you need it please contact your local support and ask for a fix for the issue (SPR # OIHZ893RHK).


Edit 2:

This fix is now included in the FP1 (and all newer fixpacks) for Lotus Notes 8.5.2:

SPR# OIHZ893RHK - Fixed a problem when using @Command(EditProfile) or the NotesUIWorkspaceEditProfile method in a button. When a Notes basic user clicked on the button, nothing happened.


Lotus Notes Diagnostic (LND) is an unsupported utility that you can download and use to automatically perform repetitive tasks associated with analyzing files from a Lotus Domino server crash, hang, or performance issues -- among many other things like memory dump an annotated, sem-debug time stamps etc.

It works also with the NSD files from Lotus Domino AND from Lotus Notes.

There is now a new version 2.9 which now also works on Win7 64bit workstations. You find it here, or download it directly via this link.