Today the release of Notes/Domino 10.0.1 was announced.

Updated Documentation for 10.0.1:

Download Information:

IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Linux English (CNXL9EN)  / F380BACEE82B68DD0A9D783626E9CA50BCC619B8
IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Windows English (CNXL7EN) / 9738E1B0862081BA8567E34B8513F867EDAA343B
IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for AIX English (CNXL8EN) / E81035131135374B7C35F34AFD59E862082DBA18

IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin V10.0.1 for Windows English (CNXL1EN) / 5E22B00B2F8DD30B230897C6701FF6DFCC060AE7
IBM Notes v10.0.1 Mac 64 bit English (CNXK7EN) / 24E3E643875BA5B4AE01A47776870AD06C74AE05
IBM Notes and Domino v10.0.1 Release Notes English (CNXK4EN) / ADF283889B48F7A812B9113E73F66D523B4E0C4F


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