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Short Description: Changed LDAP config for Outlook 5.5 user


If set to LDAPPre55Outlook=1, if the LDAP service receives a search query that specifies country (c=xx) as a search base, it converts the search base to root (""). This setting is designed for use with pre-5.5 Microsoft Outlook Express clients which, when users don't specify a search, automatically use  the country associated with the software version as a search base.  Since it's likely that pre-5.5 users who don't specify a search base intend a root search rather than one using the client-supplied country search base, use this setting if the clients that use the LDAP service are primarily pre-5.5 Microsoft Outlook Express clients. Changes the way that country attributes are supplied to LDAP searches for outlook users with versions pre 5.5. In Lotus Domino 5, the LDAP service converted a search base of country ("c=xx") to root ("") by default. This conversion accommodates releases of Microsoft Outlook Express earlier than 5.5, which supply a default country search base when users do not specify a search base. In Lotus Domino 5, you can use the NOTES.INI setting LDAP_CountryCheck=1 to prevent the LDAP service from making this conversion. By default, the Domino 6 LDAP service does not convert a search base of country to root. Use the NOTES.INI setting LDAPPre55Outlook=1 to revert to the Domino 5 LDAP service behavior of converting a search base of country to root to accommodate releases of Microsoft Outlook Express earlier than 5.5

Default value:

LDAPPre55Outlook=0 / 1


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There is no kown UI setting for this notes.ini variable. But you can specify this setting in the notes.ini settings tab of the configuration settings document.

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Lotus Domino Administrator 6 Help

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