IBM released a new version from there Support Toolbar which is very usefull to find technotes, downloads and other stuff.

This toolbar lets you customize what brands are displayed to suit your needs. You can access search functions for our technotes, our downloads, or all of our Support content by brand from this toolbar. It also provides access to key tools like ESR to open Electronic Service Requests, AOS Assist On Site), EcuRep for uploading attachments, and the IBM Support
Assistant. Finally, it provides links to "must know" information like the Software Support Lifecycle description and the Software Support Handbook.

You can download the toolbar here.

Last week I was working for a customer. For my work I need to have a look on the OS where the domino server was running on. But nobody could remember the OS Administrator password. So what to do? There is a easy solution:

With the Lotus Domino console you can execute OS/Shell commands. Start the Lotus Domino console on your workstation and enter:


This will change the password from the username (you would enter Administrator here) immediately.



This works only if your domino server runs as administrator.

Found an interesting entry in the Notes/Domino 8 forum where a user called Rupert Clayton posted a method to

    * enable LZ1 compression
    * enable document data compression
    * enable design compression

all with one single compact command "load compact -ZU -n -v -C mail".  It is documented for 8.5 but works in 8.0.2 as well although I cannot find it in the admin help or the release notes.