IBM released today the public beta version from Lotus Notes/Domino 8. The public beta is designed to offer such features as a choice in office productivity tools and the ability to group related email messages together based on conversation threads, under Lotus Notes/Domino 8.

IBM expects its Lotus Notes/Domino 8 program to be available in the middle of this year. For more infos visit the IBM Website here .

If you install a fixpack or a hotfix for a domino server running on Linux/Unix you might see the following message:

You must create the environment variable NUI_NOTESDIR as path of the directory
that contains notes/latest. E.g., for the default path /opt/lotus/notes/latest

To fix this issue on a domino server running on Debian (yes unsupported ;-) ) you could for example edit the:


via "nano /etc/profile"

and add the line:

export NUI_NOTESDIR=<path_to_lotus>

where <path_to_lotus> is the full path to the 'lotus' directory for the server to receive the hotfix installation

for example

export NUI_NOTESDIR=/opt/ibm/lotus

After that relogin and the issue is solved.

You can use a desktop policy settings document to add or set NOTES.INI variables for Notes client users. This is an easy way to assign NOTES.INI variables to all Notes client users, or to a specific subset of Notes client users, at one time. You can also use desktop policy settings documents to set field values in Location documents for users.

for more infos see the IBM Technote 1196837