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1.) enable DIIOP

Normally when you install BES 5.0 you already have DIIOP enabled. With DIIOP you can allow your Lotus Notes user to use there Internet password in the Web Desktop Manager. Because of the reason that RIM/BlackBerry limited the Domino Server running on the BES (for example you couldn´t start the Domino HTTP Server), the best way is to choose another server for DIIOP. In theorie it should be possible to change the config from the Domino Server on your BES but this isn´t part from this HowTo. To enable DIIOP on a Domino Server (I normaly enable DIIOP on a Sametime Server) open the Server Document and go to Ports -> Internet Ports -> DIIOP. For Security Reason I strongly recommend to change the Anonymous sections (point 4+5) to NO and change the port status to enabled (point 6). After that edit the notes.ini on that server where you wish to enable DIIOP and add DIIOP to the SERVERTASKS line. Here is an example from my test sametime server: "SERVERTASKS=Update,AMgr,AdminP,HTTP,STAddin,Router,DIIOP" [Note: If you are familar with the console you can also use the set config command to change this]. The DIIOP Servertask will now start every time when you reboot this server.

After that open the console from the server where you have enabled DIIOP and load the DIIOP task via "lo diiop". You should now see the following on the console:

2009-10-07 11:05:40   DIIOP Server: Starting...
2009-10-07 11:05:41   DIIOP Server: Started

Note: It is also a good idea to change the firewall and grant only the BlackBerry access via the default DIIOP port 63148.