3.) Add a company logo to the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager

If you wish to brand the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager with your own company graphic you need to copy this image (in this example we use the filename logo.jpg) into the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BAS\server\default\deploy\basclientwebdesktop.war\assets\images\corporate

After that check if you can access the file via the following URL (not that you need to change the FQND):


If you can access the file, login to the BlackBerry Web Desktop and switch to

BlackBerry Solution topology > BlackBerry Domain > Component view > View(BlackBerry Administration Service)

after that switch to the company logos tab and add the URL from above into the fields. When you save these settings the BAS will automatically restart which might take some min.

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    • Guest - Manoj Suthar

      We are using Blackberry Enterprise Service on Lotus Domino Server 8.5.2. We are unable to load Blackberry Web Desktop Manager for unknown reason.

    • Guest - Bernd Webster

      This was a known issue with a very old BES 5.0.3.* caused by a Microsoft Windows Update. Not sure if this was the build *.17 which you use. Since your BES ist VERY old I would prefer to update it to the latest version which is (see www.lotus-expert.com/en/categories/blackberry/313-bes-5-0-service-pack-4-maintenance-release-11-bes-5-0-4-mr-11-available.html) however you can also try to find the "bad" Microsoft Windows update and uninstall it, which also solved the issue you have.