A.) Preparations: Preparing the system

1a.) You need:

- A windows XP PC (Vista and Windows 7 should work too but wasn´t tested).

- Needed space 20GB

- Installshield Tuner (installed on the Windows XP PC):

For Notes 6.x:

  • Download "InstallShield tuner for Notes Win32 English" (C47CQNA).

For Notes 7.x and 8.0.x
  • Download "Install Shield Tuner for Lotus Notes Windows 2000, 2003 English". (C84T5NA).

For Notes 8.5.x
Currently, there is no Install Shield Tuner for 8.5x, and you must use the Tuner available for 7.x and 8.0.x


- A Lotus Notes Installation Kit:

1b.) Create a folder called MyNotesCustomization on C: (C:\MyNotesCustomization). Ensure that you have write / full access to the working directory.

1c.) Extract the "Lotus Notes Installation Kit" to C:\MyNotesCustomization\user_client_original.

1d.) [Optional] Create a C:\MyNotesCustomization\plugins\Dictionaries and copy all *.dic files from a domino 8.5 server (you need to install the webparts, no running webserver needed, but it must be installed)

1e.) Extract the NotesCustomizationKit_1_0.zip (In that example the file can be found here C:\MyNotesCustomization\user_client_original\deploy\NotesCustomizationKit_1_0.zip) to C:\MyNotesCustomization

1f.) Download the following two files ftp://ftp.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/win32/zip300xn.zip and ftp://ftp.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/win32/unz600xn.exe. Extract the unzip.exe and zip.exe from the ZIP files to C:\MyNotesCustomization. If you wish you can extract the complete ZIP files into that folder.

1g.) Optional (only needed if you wish to change the eclipse components)

Download and install the latest Java JDK.

1h.) Optional (only needed if you wish to change the eclipse components)

Set the JAVA_HOME directory environment variable, on the machine(s) on which you'll be installing Notes, to point to the JDK folder under which the keytool resides. A sample command line is shown below. In this example the needed bin\keytool would be resident in the indicated JAVA_HOME variable's directory.

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk

1i.) You need to change ZIP files, so download and install a appropriated software for that. In this guide / howto I will use WinRar which you can get here because it made things really easy.