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Known Errors:


Subscript out of Range:

This error message can occour if you doesn´t followed the exact steps. Try to save your changes after every step. Normaly if you see this error message your MST file got damaged and couldn´t be used for a installation (some added files will not be found).


CAB file to big:

It seamed the Max Filesize from the .CAB which can be created with the Installshield Tuner is 25-27MB. If you create a bigger file this can result in problems during the installation.


*.dic & *.cfg in the same folder

If you put the *.dic files and the *.cfg file into the same folder, this guide here will not work, because of the reason that the data pathname might change from installation to installation.


...failed to install. The reason provided is CWPST1012E: Plugin has been corrupted

This problem happen if you have added any JAR file with AddToKit.exe to your Notes Installation Kit where the signer from the JAR file (for example you changed the xtaf dictionaries like written here) isn´t included in the installer keyring. In that case the signature didn´t any longer fit from the file. To solve the issue please read the section "Preparations: Create a signer certificate" and sign the changed JAR file your your certificate and add the certificate to the installer keystore (...\deploy\extras\.keystore.JCEKS.IBM_J9_VM.install).