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    • The path (for 8.5.2) should be C:\MyNotesCustomizationuser_client_originalUtilityNotesCustomizationKit_1_0.zip

    • Our install path has been C:\Program Files\Notes and C:\Program Files\Notes\Data for a long time now. I changed our transforms to point to those locations. Everything worked great on a 32 bit system. When I ran the install on a 64 bit Windows 7, it installed everything to "C:\Program Files(x86)\Notes" as expected...except for the workspace. The workspace went to the 64bit Program Files folder. The funny thing is, this only happened if I did a silent install (/qn or /qb). If I did a normal MSI install with my transform, it would install everything to the 32bit Program Files. To get around this, I had to change my script that calls the Notes installer. I now pass the PROGDIR and DATADIR to the MSI directly. I probably could have also made a separate transform for 64bit where I explicitly put C:\Program Files(x86)\Notes as my path. I decided to go the script route since I can use variables for the directory. Talk about total PITA.

    • Hi i am mahesh we r using Install shield 10 to create packages .recently i got an issue.when i am trying to Trigger a batch file through vbs from ISM custom Action But Its not Triggering the Batch file .if i execute same vbs manually it is working .what might be the problem how to resolve it

    • I really hope you can help me.
      I'm trying to create a custom installation with the installshield tuner for lotus notes 8.5.3.
      In the Installation routine there is a point where i can choose extra features like a feedreader or Lotus Connections.
      for some reason Lotus Connections is set on "This Feature will not be available" by default.
      For the custom installation i need to activate Lotus Connections but in the features list in the Installshield Tuner there is no option to activate Lotus Connections.
      So everytime the custom installation will start, i have to manually activate Lotus Connections.

      I hope my Problem is clear and you have a solution.

    • Check the "Eclipse Features" section and search for "Lotus Connection" its a eclipse feature!

    • Guest - Dietmar

      is ist possible to give a link to the notes.ini file at the notes link at Desktop.
      Actually i edit the shortcut at desktop an make the entry : =u:\notes.ini
      So that the Target at the link looks like:
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\notes.exe" "=u:\notes.ini"
      And now i want the u:\notes.ini is setting automaticly after smartupgrade.

    • Guest - Peter

      Guest - Dietmar

      Hm, looks like you are trying to point Lotus Notes to a network share ... this is ... sorry ... a very very bad idea. The workload from the Notes 8.5 client with cache.ndk and all the other stuff is so hard, that if 400 user will do that you will have a VERY bad peak on your network and the client is VERY slow and performs with a bad performance.

      We disabled that here for 2.000 users and moved to the Notes 8.5 Roaming feature. This is very cool. Together with the ID Vault the user can now roam and use different PCs all the time.

      With the Network drive you also got some errors with user rights. We never couldn´t find out why that happen but sometimes the owner isn´t set correctly on some files. Then the user couldn´t read the ID file .. couldn´t read other notes data files ... and the client isn´t starting ... if a admin copied then the whole content on his C drive and copied it back (no moving) and set back the inheritance from the rights this was fixed then.

      We had also issues where the user put MP3s on his U drive ... then the notes client was fill and the user couldn´t work. He put the files on this drive because they "roamed" to different PCs.

      Another issue was the Archive file ... are you happy with 4-20 GB notes archive files in the user data folder ... means on your network drive?

      So an advice from me ... never never nerver put Notes on a Network drive ;)

    • Guest - deepak kumar

      Hello,I am trying to install lotus note 8.5.2 and actually installed and sent one test email and it was found working. After few moments i started getting error msg that"The server with this database is no longer responding" and after then we are not able to connect to the server again.
      After this when i am trying to open mail on that server,it is throwing as error as "The server is not responding".
      I uninstalled Lotus notes, and reinstalled again, it got connected with server and inbox got updated, and again after few moments the same error msg got repeated and i am not able to connect to the server until i reinstall lotus again.
      Hope to get some possible causes and solutions on this.

      Thanks and regards,

    • Guest - Admin

      Guest - deepak kumar

      Please post your question to the IBM Domino forum:
      I´m sure nobody in a BlogEntry will help you with the issue which has nothing to do with the Lotus Notes installation. The issue looks like that a policy is pushing some wrong elements to the client.

    • Hi

      i am trying to install lotus notes 8.5.2 with MDT 2012. I created transforms file and all works just fine if i do installation from local disk with "setup /s /v "TRANSFORMS=ln852.mst" /qn+.

      For installation over network i added in Install Tuner under Application Configuration->Server Locations, path to my source files "\\server1\deploymentshare$\applications\ln852".

      When i go to client PC and go in command prompt to test installation i type this:

      "\\server1\deploymentshare$\applications\ln852\setup.exe" /s /v /qn+ "\\server1\deploymentshare$\applications\ln852\ln852.mst" and my installations works in background, prompts when finished but does not use answer file and installs Lotus with standard options and not ones i defined in transforms file.

      I have no problem with installing other application over network with answer files (office 2003, office 2003, mui, office 2007, etc.) except with Lotus.

      Am i doing something wrong or Lotus doesnt support silent installation with answer file over network so i have to use different solution.