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1.) Removing features via trimUpdateSite.exe

In this section we will remove features from the Notes install kit via trimUpdateSite.exe, if you didn´t delete the feature from the installation kit you can skip that point.

Note: If you didn´t perform this step in the first place you need to remove the features by hand. In this section we will remove the connection features and the Sametime 8.0.2 client (we will replace it with sametime 8.5.1 in a later step) from a Lotus Notes 8.5.2 version. If you use a older Lotus Notes Version, it might happen that some screenshots aren´t similar to your one.

1a.) Copy all files from C:\MyNotesCustomization\user_client_original to C:\MyNotesCustomization\step1

1b.) Navigate to C:\MyNotesCustomization and start the trimUpdateSite.exe

1c.) Navigate to C:\MyNotesCustomization\step1 using the trimUpdateSite.exe and select the


1d.) Now select the features you wish to delete from the installation kit and press on "process selections".


1e.) After the trimUpdateSite.exe removed the files [this action can take some minutes] you can go the the next steps.