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2.) Eclipse Installation Features

The installation from the eclipse features like Activities, Composite Application Editor, Sametime and Symphony where controlled via a XML file. If you followed this howto/guideline this file can be found here C:\MyNotesCustomization\step2\deploy\install.xml. To change this file you need to edit it with the notepad editor.

I will show you here how to install Symphony as default (with Lotus Notes 8.5.2). But the steps are the same for the other eclipse components and versions.

Search for the line:

<installfeature default="false" description="%Editors.description" id="Editors" name="" required="false" show="true" version="">

With show="true" or show="false" you can control if the user see this feature in the installation menu. true means show it, and false means hide it.

With default="true" or default="false" you can control if the feature is installed via default. True means yes it is, false means no it isn´t.

With required="true" or required="false" you can control if the feature is required or no. True means yes it is, flase means no it isn´t and the user can deselect it during installation.

In our example above we would like to Install Symphony as defaut and the user shouldn´t be able to deselect it (we will hide it). So we will change our line to:

<installfeature default="true" description="%Editors.description" id="Editors" name="" required="true" show="false" version="">

Here is the list for the other eclipse features. Search for the description to find the correct line.


Composite Application Editor

Activities (also known as "IBM Connections")