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3.) Adding dictionaries (optional)

In this step we will add some dictionaries to the installation. If you need you can use this step as an example how to add some other files to the installation kit.

3a.) Copy all files from C:\MyNotesCustomization\step2 to C:\MyNotesCustomization\step3

3b.) Start the Installation Tuner

3c.) create a new MST

Create a new .mst

3d.) drag and drop the files into the data directory

Add .dic files

3e.) go to the "Additional Tools" -> "Direct Editor" Section and open the "Component" table.

3f.) Search for "CST_COMPONENT" and change the value in the Directory column (from normally "DATADIR") to "VDIR_SHARED"

Add .dic files

Note: You can use "VDIR_SHARED" for both, the multiuser and the singleuser installation.

3g.) close the Lotus Notes Installshield tuner and save the .mst