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4.) Changing default installation path

In this step we will change the default installation path.

4a.) Copy the elements from C:\MyNotesCustomization\step3 to C:\MyNotesCustomization\step4

4b.) Start the Lotus Notes Installshield Tuner and select the .mst from the step4 folder.

4c.) Go to the "Product Properties" section and change the "Default Destination Path" in this example we install Lotus Notes to C:\Lotus\Notes because of the reason that there are many OS languages our there. You can have a "C:\Programme" or "C:\Program Files" or ... folder. To make your live easier you should use a path which is the same on every OS. This would help you when you deal with the scriptable setup for example.

multi vs. single user

4d.) go to the "Setup Properties" and change the red marked path names.

multi vs. single user

4e.) close the Lotus Notes Installshield tuner and save the .mst