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5.) Changing the Installationsfeatures

In this step we will change the installation features which can be selected by the user.

5a.) Copy the elements from C:\MyNotesCustomization\step4 to C:\MyNotesCustomization\step5

5b.) Start the Lotus Notes Installshield Tuner and select the .mst from the step5 folder.

5c.) Go to "Organization" -> "Features" and select for example the spell checker. With 1 you can control if the user can see this feature or not. With 2 you can control if the feature is installed or not. You can hide a feature with this options but let it install as default. Or you can allow a user to select if this feature is installed or not. The option is to change the options here and controll with the in section "Use the.mst" described steps if you changed the correct options.

multi vs. single user

5d.) close the Lotus Notes Installshield tuner and save the .mst


Do not change the core parts (change only the options which you see in the original installer). It might result in various problems.