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7.) multi-user vs. single-user installation

In this step we will change the installation type.

7a.) Copy the elements from C:\MyNotesCustomization\step6 to C:\MyNotesCustomization\step7

7b.) Start the Lotus Notes Installshield Tuner and select the .mst from the step7 folder.

7c.) Click Application Configuration

7d.) Click Setup Properties

7e.) Change the value in the ApplicationUsers property to:

  • "OnlyCurrentUser" for a single-user installation or
  • "AllUsers" for a multi-user installation

This is similar to the settings which can be chosen during the client installation:

(1) "Only for me (Single User Install)" and
(2) "Anyone who uses this computer (Multi-User Install)."

multi vs. single user

7f.) close the Lotus Notes Installshield tuner and save the .mst