IBM Informed me today that there exist a update for the Lotus Traveler which fix some problems I reported:

  • LO37036 - Server        - Troubles downloading bootstrap.nts file from WM ppc device.
  • LO37329 - Server         - Unknown timezone error message displayed on Domino console.

If will fix also the " Frequent chatter between the client and server result in increased battery drain".

Other issues fixed with this update:

  • LO36583 - Server           - Can not access LotusTraveler.ntf on new install  if server is not part of LocalDomainAdmins group.
  • LO37264 - Server           - Inbox email is resent to recipients from Traveler device.
  • LO36929 - Nokia S60      - Can not register the Nokia E75 device with Lotus Notes Traveler server.
  • LO36898 - Nokia S60      - Cannot register with server using non-asci user id/password.
  • LO37643 - Nokia S60      - Failure syncing draft mail with attachments.
  • LO37884 - Nokia S60      - AutoSync stops working on Nokia Client.
  • LO36514 - Windows Mobile - DBCS recipient name may disappear after sync.
  • LO36935 - Windows Mobile - Journal fails to sync when body contains URL.
  • LO37347 - Windows Mobile - Unable to sync large attachments (>1M).


Fix name:
Release date:     25-Feb-2009
Platforms:     Windows
Applies to versions:
File: (42.46 MB)


The fix can be downloaded from the FixCentral