IBM released the Lotus Notes Traveler Cumulative Fix 1. The CF can be downloaded via IBM Fixcentral.




List of fixes included in CF1


  • LO47693 - Some internet e-mail does not contain a body when synced to the device.
  • LO47897 - User unable to sync when primary mail server is down.
  • LO48022 - Apple device stops syncing after a period of time.
  • LO48141 - Server crashes with "Out of Memory" or "Insufficient Resources" message.
  • LO48318 - Server crashes with "Panic: Lookup handle out of range" message.


List of fixes included in


  • LO45478 - PANIC: Lookuphandle out of range.
  • LO45687 - Unable to sync Nokia E90 device with Lotus Traveler 8.5.1.
  • LO45839 - Lotus Traveler reporting different quota than Notes in DAOS environment.
  • LO45869 - Calendar entries beyond 2034 do not sync.
  • LO45955 - iPhone lost data temporarily when mail server was down.
  • LO46120 - Change of home server not picked up until Lotus Traveler restarted
  • LO46549 - Prevent embedded attachment sync in text mode.
  • LO46556 - Error handling Calcutta Time Zone.
  • LO46561 - Process ntraveler.exe has terminated abnormally.
  • LO46590 - Handle calendar entries with invalid create date.
  • LO46781 - Javax.mail.internet.parseexception errors when syncing attachments.
  • LO46838 - Parse error reading the configuration file.
  • LO47024 - Console error message "HTMLAPI Problem converting to HTML".
  • LO47025 - Folder containing "/" in name could cause data not to sync to iPhone device.
  • LO47365 - New Contacts should have $NoPurge field set to 1 to prevent archiving.

Windows Mobile Client

  • LO44761 - Bypass SetPowerRequirements for WAV1 for Motorola MC55 and MC75 devices.

Nokia Client

  • LO44338 - Cursor can not be moved to Recipient/CC/BCC
  • LO45960 - Nokia client unable to communicate with server.
  • LO46522 - Client crash when inactivity timeout is larger than 35 minutes.


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