Many Lotus Traveler issues which are effecting just one person, can usually be fixed by using a couple of commands on the Lotus Domino Server console. I will explain here some of them (click on "Read more").



Show Infos

The first step is to dump the config from the user via "tell traveler show <username>". It will gives you useful informations about the Traveler config from the user.


tell traveler show Joe Blocks/sales/ACME

Which will give you a similar output as below:

Lotus Traveler has validated that it can access the database mail/jblocks.nsf.
Encrypting, decrypting and signing messages are enabled because the Notes ID is in the mail file or the ID vault.

Canonical name: CN=Joe Blocks/OU=sales/O=ACME
Mail Server (Home): CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME
Mail File (Home): mail/jblocks.nsf
Mail Server (Current): CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME
Mail File (Current): mail/jblocks.nsf
Mail File Replicas: [CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME, mail/jblocks.nsf], [CN=domino-02/OU=srv/O=ACME, mail/jblocks.nsf]

Notes ID: Mail File contains the Notes ID which was last updated by CN=domino-01/OU=srv/O=ACME on Friday, February 19, 2010 5:21:54 PM CET.
Auto Sync User State: Online
Last Prime Synchronization: Friday, March 12, 2010 1:34:37 PM CET

Device ID: 811833D71C5C220737E65639D4548330204FC023
Device Description: X1i:PocketPC/6(5.2.19608):IBM Lotus Notes Traveler/
Security Policy Status: No policy
Security State: Clear
Last Synchronization: Friday, March 12, 2010 1:08:45 PM CET
Auto Sync Device State: Online
Auto Sync Connection State: Connected (Friday, March 12, 2010 1:31:15 PM CET)
Auto Sync Applications to Synchronize: mail, calendar, contact, journal, task, serviceability, security
Auto Sync Change Flags: clear


Reset the config

To reset a users config you need to use the "tell traveler reset <deviceID> <user>" command. You can use the * for all devices the user use or the Device ID seen in the info dump. Normally a user is using only one device so * should work for you.

To reset the config from Joe you can use:

tell traveler reset * Joe Blocks/sales/ACME


tell traveler reset 811833D71C5C220737E65639D4548330204FC023 Joe Blocks/sales/ACME


Command 'tell traveler reset 811833D71C5C220737E65639D4548330204FC023 Joe Blocks/sales/ACME' for device 811833D71C5C220737E65639D4548330204FC023 and user CN=Joe Blocks/OU=sales/O=ACME completed successfully.

After that the user should create a new connection to the Traveler server and should perform a new sync.


Delete a config

Sometimes a reset isn´t working in that case you can use the "tell traveler delete <deviceID> <user>" command. It is similar to the one above. You can use * or the Device ID.


Pending Wipe Request

The user or the administrator can perform a wipe request. This request is then stored in the Traveler server until the user comes back online. In some rare situation it could happen that such a wipe request was placed in the system, but the user got a new device (e.g. the old one was broken). If this fresh new installation now touched the Traveler server the user will see a error message on the device, that the devices is locked.

Joe Blocks/Sales/ACME: E71: Locked out since Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010 20.14 Uhr CEST because of security flags wipeApps

The administrator can check all security infos on the system console via "tell traveler security allstatus" and can delete the one which is causing the issue via "tell traveler security delete <device> <user>".


tell traveler security delete * Joe Blocks

Command 'security delete * Joe Blocks' was completed successfully.