IBM Lotus released today the Fixpack 2 for Lotus Traveler 8.5.2.

The fixpack can be downloaded from the IBM fixcentral


- This fixpack added support for the Android Honeycomb (Android V3.0) as reported here: APAR L057889 Android Client fails to download on Honeycomb

- The fixpack added native notes email encryption / decryption to the Android devices (but I couldn´t find that in the documentation, but it works on my test device).



List of fixes included in


LO56804ServerContact repeatedly syncs from device to server.
LO56831ServerApple: Attachments with same file name get renamed.
LO56941ServerApple: Calendar body removed when modified on device.
LO56985NokiaMiddle initial not displayed for corporate look up results.
LO57088AndroidUnable to sync over SSL enabled connection.
LO57126Windows MobileUnable to sync when roaming.
LO57404AndroidUnable to sync when default port used in connection.
LO57515AndroidSlow performance when deleting multiple email items
LO57516ServerContact field Messaging ID shows as phone number on device.
LO57707AndroidAdmin: Wrong passwords before wiping is "Unavailable".
LO57774AndroidHebrew: Subject corrupted on Reply To from device.
LO57820ServerApple device profile install fails if the user name contains an apostrophe.
LO57846ServerApple: Use policy to prevent mail from syncing to device.
LO57860AndroidApostrophe in user name causes SQL exception, unable to sync.
LO57864ServerApple: Unable to sync when ID has national language characters.
LO57889AndroidLotus Traveler client fails to download completely.
LO57969Server"Failed to create log file" error message on Domino console.
LO57972AndroidSync in pending state and never seem to complete.
LO57973ServerMultiple security violation messages logged in log.nsf.
LO58020AndroidCalendar application crashes in one day view on device.
LO58026NokiaCaller ID not transmitted if call made from Lookup application.
LO58077ServerBirthdays in 1941, sync down one day early.
LO58123Android"Communication error with server" displayed on device.
LO58127AndroidApp closes when trying to export attachment immediately after download
LO58134AndroidSome Android devices have the same device ID.
LO58147AndroidUnable to sync after new self signed SSL cert installed on server.
LO58177ServerAdd option to force Base64 encoding of mail data.
LO58182ServerContact birthday incorrect when syncing from Apple device to server.
LO58238ServerCalendar entry shows as attachment when sent from Apple iPad.
LO58245ServerSome Apple device users are reported as "No Policy" in LotusTraveler.nsf.
LO58581ServerContact birthday off by one day when sync from Apple to server.
LO58664ServerLotus Traveler server crash processing attachments.
LO58670ServerSend mail failure from Apple device to recipient with special character in ID.
LO58676Android'&' in folder name will create a blank folder.
LO58821AndroidImplement the MAILTO: specifications.
LO58839ServerContact birthday day/month reversed if German mail template.
LO58861AndroidLotus Traveler client download fails at 100%.
LO58995AndroidReply To from device looses part of the subject.