Lotus Notes Diagnostic (LND) is an unsupported utility that you can download and use to automatically perform repetitive tasks associated with analyzing files from a Lotus Domino server crash, hang, or performance issues -- among many other things like memory dump an annotated, sem-debug time stamps etc.

It works also with the NSD files from Lotus Domino AND from Lotus Notes.

There is now a new version 2.9 which now also works on Win7 64bit workstations. You find it here, or download it directly via this link.

The purpose of this collection is to provide links to a select group of documents and resources that educate readers on the items and issues to take into consideration when upgrading to Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5. {readmorelink}[...]{/readmorelink}


There is a small bug (SPR CMAS88WGWQ) in the Lotus Domino pubnames.ntf template. If you update your directory (to 8.5.2) or use the 8.5.2 pubnames.ntf template to create a new application from it, you can no longer copy and past (or cut and past) elements in that application. If you see similar issues on your side, there is a fix and a workaround available. {readmorelink}[...]{/readmorelink}