A customer called me today because he is unable to configure a complete new and fresh installed lotus domino server. Every time when he try to power up the server he can see the the error message:

"An error occurred during license use management initialization. Ensure that you are running Domino with a valid license file" on the Lotus console.


Solution 1:

The IBM Technote 1282346 said:

Reinstall Domino 8 on top of the existing Domino 8 installation for which the error occurs.

Solution 2:

The IBM Technote 1282346 said:

Ensure that the files domino8.lic and nodelock are present in the Domino Data directory.

Solution 3:

Check the date from the Server OS. The date from the server OS from the customer was set to 28.10.2008. But that´s not correct. The current date is 10.04.2009. After I changed that and rebooted the Server, the trial was working without any problems.

Solution 4:

If you install the Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Trial (build in 2010) in the year 2011 you might see this error message too. Try to change the OS date to 2010 or 2009 and check if the trial is then working.