The Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) evaluates server settings according to a growing catalog of  best practices. All servers in a single domain can be evaluated together. DCT generates reports that explain the issues DCT uncovers, suggest mitigations, and provide references to supporting publications.

DCT is intended to provide customers with easy-to-use self-service configuration analysis so that their installations are more robust and experience better performance. A single Domino server includes thousands of configuration options. DCT provides best practice analysis as well as worst practice disclosure. It is our expectation that DCT will help reduce total cost of ownership by assisting in the identification of existing configuration problems.

DCT looks at settings in Server documents, NOTES.INI, and database advanced properties. Configuration settings are flagged when their values are know to cause problems based on prior customer experience. Out-of-range and unexpected values are reported so that undefined behavior can be prevented. Suggested adjustments help administrators achieve known server performance improvements.

Download DCT now! It is available free of charge.  DCT is also available as part of the 8.5 Domino Administrator.

For more information read the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Wiki entry regarding the DCT.