Last week I build for a customer a solution to store the Lotus Notes data folder on a network drive, so that the complete Lotus Notes configuration is "roaming" with the user, if he logs in on another workstation (The customer didn´t deployed 8.5 which would allow them to use the roaming feature).

The only file which must exist on the drive (we call it N: because of Notes) must be the notes.ini with the following content in it:

SharedDataDirectory=C:\documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data\Shared


The "Cache, NOTES_TEMPDIR" mustn´t exist, but then the cache files will be created on the network share and will fill the file server and the backup. So this isn´t really needed and the reason why I added them... I added also "Create_R85_Databases=1" because the customer plan to update to 8.5 at the moment. This isn´t also not a important setting. With these settings the user will be promped to configure the Lotus Notes client. BUT what if you wish that the user must only enter his notes PW and nothing more? What is the minimum notes.ini parameters you must add in the notes.ini? Researching this I came to the following minimum notes.ini and notes.cfg to allow the set-up of a new Lotus Notes user account, without any dialogue boxes except the final one “Setup has been completed” displayed:

SharedDataDirectory=C:\documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data\Shared
TCPIP=TCP, 0, 15, 0
LAN0=NETBIOS, 0, 15, 0

Please note that the notes.ini settings above are based on a shared user (Called Multiuser Installation during the Lotus Notes Installation) installation (using TCP/IP network connection, but I think TCP/IP is used by nearly every company now). Please note that you SharedDataDirectory will be different for multiple OS languages. Here are two examples:

German Windows XP:
SharedDataDirectory=C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Lotus\Notes\Data\Shared

English Windows XP:

SharedDataDirectory=C:\documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data\Shared

So if you have multiple languages deployed on your environment you need to have a script which detects the language before it created the notes.ini file. The name and location of the configuration file (C:\Lotus\Notes\licences\the_pre_notes.cfg) can be randomly chosen. In this example we place it on every workstation during the client rollout. The following lines have to be included and the notes.ini needs to point to this file.

UserName=User Name/Organisation/Country


With this information you should be able to write a small script which created the notes.ini on your network drive if it didn´t exist ;-).


Please be aware that version 6.5.5 of Lotus Notes is required for these settings. All prior versions will still show the additional services dialogue box as this can’t be suppressed in these releases.


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