IBM just now released IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2. See the announcement letter here.

You can download the new version from the passport advantage website like described here.



IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2 System Requirements:

- Windows

- Mac OS

- Linux


IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 System Requirements:

- Windows

- Linux

- IBM i


- Solaris



Whats new (only the important ones, for full overview check the source):

Notes Notes Client:

- better Quickr Integration

- allows to export a single email as file

- True Color Application / Database icons (which can be seen on the workspace)

- preloader -> will load parts from the Notes client during first OS start (Will speed up client starts).

- Improved instant messaging services using Lotus Sametime

- replication process is working 'multi-threaded'

- new desktop policy features for "silent failover", "Auto-retrieve attachments", "autoreplicate when new email arrive" and "upgrading ODS versions of local databases"

- Managed Replicas

Set a default font for mail:

You can now set a default font for the mail you send.
1.When composing an email, select text that is inthe font you want to use as your default.
2.Click Text > Set Current Font as Mail Default.
Your new default font will appear in the next email you compose. It will not effect the current email.

Remove someone from the type-ahead list:

When you address an email, calendar entry, or to doitem, a list of email address appears as you type.These contacts are the people you email, chat, andmeet with most frequently and recently.
If you would like to remove an address from this list, right-click the name in the type-ahead list, and then click Delete.


Lotus Traveler:

Scheduled Synchronization:

Lotus Notes Traveler users on Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices can now define a sync schedule for peak and off peak times. On the device, open the Lotus Notes Traveler client application and access the settings to create a custom schedule. Setting the device to use a connection mode other than "Always Connected" preserves battery life. The ability to adjust the schedule for different times of day and during the week allows you to improve battery life even further.

Support for Apple iPad:

This version of Lotus Notes Traveler has been tested with the Apple iPad device. The Lotus Notes Traveler support for the Apple iPad is identical to that of the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Security policies for Apple iPhone:

Apple devices have native capabilities for supporting various security features. These include specifying rules for creating a device password, prohibiting the use of the camera on the device and specifying a password expiration period. The Lotus Notes Traveler administrator now can define device security policies that can be enforced on Apple devices. In addition, the Lotus Notes Traveler administration interfaces have been redesigned to separate the security settings for each supported device type.

Support for metting invitations on apple devices:

Invitation notices can now be processed on Apple devices. Users invited to meetings can accept, tentatively accept, or decline meeting notices right from their mobile device. Support is also included for users to create meetings on the device with attendees, and to reschedule, update or cancel meetings from the Apple device.

User manages security:

With user managed security, users can now remotely wipe or lock their own devices, without the help of an administrator. They can also clear their own actions. For example, they can cancel wipe requests and re-enable server access for a device that was previously locked.

Remote name lookups for Nokia and Windows devices:

A new function now allows you to search for users in your corporate directory and display information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Once the application finds the user, you can then send them an email, call their phone number or save the user to your local contacts. You can also search your corporate directory while composing a new email and add recipients directly to your new mail message address fields. This functionality was supported only for Apple devices in previous releases.

Automatic Lotus Notes Traveler client updates:

A new installer application called Lotus Mobile Installer now helps you to install the Lotus Notes Traveler client software. It can also be configured to periodically check with the server for any updates to the client software. If updates are detected, the device user is prompted to download and install the latest updates.

Data Roaming detection:

Lotus Notes Traveler for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices now detects if your device is roaming on a data network. There is a new preference which can be set to enable automatic syncing while data roaming, but by default this setting is disabled. If this setting is disabled and Lotus Notes Traveler detects that the device is roaming, the Lotus Notes Traveler client disconnects from the Lotus Traveler server and discontinues any predefined sync schedule. Manual syncing is still allowed, but you must confirm the request. Once the device is out of the data roaming condition, syncing and schedules resume normally.

HTTP/S based push for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices:

Now all communication between Lotus Notes Traveler server and devices is performed over an HTTP or HTTPS channel. Lotus Notes Traveler clients running on Windows Mobile or Nokia S60 devices no longer use the separate TCP connection over port 8642 for push messages. The Lotus Notes Traveler server continues to support the older clients (version 8.5.1 and older) which still use the TCP 8642 channel. However, if all mobile devices are at the current level this feature removes the need to open an additional TCP port in your network firewalls. This feature also makes it easier to implement a network topology that incorporates a reverse proxy server in front of the Lotus Notes Traveler service.

Improved server diagnostics:

A new administrator console command called status has been added to this release. The status command makes a number of checks in the Lotus Notes Traveler server to determine if it is operating normally and reports the output to the administrator.

New support for:

The Lotus Notes Traveler server can be installed on the following new operating systems for Intel based hardware:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.2 32-bit and 64-bit
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows Mobile 6.5 devices are now officially supported by Lotus Notes Traveler. Note: The Lotus Notes Traveler client for Windows Mobile 5 devices is no longer included in the Lotus Notes Traveler client. But the Lotus Notes Traveler version 8.5.2 server still supports all previous releases of Lotus Notes Traveler clients.


Lotus iNotes:

- Ultra-light support for Android, Nexus One, iPhone 4.0

- Improved performance when creating mail messages

- Ability to disable new actions in Full mode, when mail file size has exceeded its quota

- an MSI package for iNotes Web Controls which could be used for software rollouts


Lotus Domino Server:

- ID-Vault API

- E-mail interoperability enhancements

- server setup will create a replica of the directory assistance now


Lotus Domino Designer:

- CKEditor for XPages

- many xPage improvements

- a better WYSIWYG XPage Editor

- NotesDomain, NotesDirectory, NotesDirEntry classes


Primary sources:

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