Question: Is it normal that two Lotus Notes processes (notes2.exe and nlnotes.exe) can be shown in the task manager on a Windows PC?

Answer: Yes it is.

If you start Lotus Notes 8.x you can see in the task manager that a notes.exe comes up, but quickly disappear and two new tasks appears (notes2.exe and nlnotes.exe). So you might ask yourself why two tasks. The solution is quite easy. Let me explain the process at first:

Responsible for initialization of Notes process and service and will exit after dependent services initialization complete.

Lotus Notes client process and it will launch user password prompt during initialization process.

Lotus Notes standard client Java process implementation.

Depending on the notes.ini entry 'ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION' the startorder would be different:

ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=1 (the default value):

1.) notes.exe starts

2.) nlnotes.exe is starting

3.) notes2.exe is starting



1.) notes.exe starts

2.) notes2.exe is starting

3.) nlnotes.exe is starting


You can find more infos about it in the IBM wiki here.