You configure a Lotus Domino® database to use LZ1 compression and want to convert existing attachments to this algorithm to take advantage of its superior compression ratio. How can you upgrade the compression algorithm for existing attachments?


To convert existing attachments from Huffman to LZ1 compression, perform the following steps:

1. Enable the database property, "Use LZ1 compression for attachments", found in Database Properties --> Advanced (beanie) panel.
2. From the server console, run the following command (without quotes): "load compact -ZU"

for more Infos read the IBM Technote .


Approximate differences in message sizes:

Type of fileActual file sizeMessage size with LZ1 compressionMessage size with Huffman compression
MS Word Document35 KB8.9 KB15.1 KB
PDF file471 KB370.5 KB453.1 KB
Text file4 KB3.4 KB5.7 KB

 (Table from IBM)