A customer ask me today what he can do when he see the following line on the console and what it means:

"64 duplicate PUIDs found while initializing Domino Domain Monitoring"

But first the explanation: The server runs a special check on the Events4.nsf database to detect replication conflicts or duplicate Event documents in Events4.nsf. This check is performed because any conflict or duplicate documents could cause problems with Domino domain monitoring. Additionally, there is a check performed to detect documents with duplicate PUIDs. Every
probe document in DDM.nsf has an associated PUID (probe unique ID) and duplicate PUIDs could cause problems with Domino domain monitoring. If duplicate PUIDs are found, an event report document with the text X duplicate PUIDs found is generated and the console command to resolve the duplicates is provided. If any conflicts or duplicates are found, an Event report document is created in DDM.nsf, which by default provides a console command that can be used to resolve the problem:

"tell event delduppuids"

After dropping this command on the server you see the following response:

"Cleaning of duplicate DDM.NSF reports has completed. 64 documents were deleted."

You can also try to set Delete_Duplicate_Puid_Notes=1 in the notes.ini from your server.

More information about DDM (Domino Domain Monitoring) can be found in this redbook.