IBM released a nice toolbar which is very usefull to find technotes, downloads and other stuff.

This toolbar lets you customize what brands are displayed to suit your needs. You can access search functions for our technotes, our downloads, or all of our Support content by brand from this toolbar. It also provides access to key tools like ESR to open Electronic Service Requests, AOS Assist On Site), EcuRep for uploading attachments, and the IBM Support
Assistant. Finally, it provides links to "must know" information like the Software Support Lifecycle description and the Software Support Handbook.

You can download the toolbar here

 I just found a nice plugin for the firefox browser. This plugin added a option to search on the IBM Webpage.


  The plugin can be found here .

When formatted in a certain way, *.ini files can be read by NT batch scripts (windows).


Example *.lini file (config.ini):



Example .bat (readini.bat):

@echo off
for /f "tokens=1,2 delims==" %%a in (config.ini) do (
if %%a==option1 set option1=%%b
if %%a==option2 set option2=%%b

echo %option1%
echo %option2%