Peter Presnell started to collect the "Lotusphere 2010" presentation.

He build a list on his Website:

These presentations could also be found here:

Versions of the FH_DATE_PAST_20XX rule released with versions of Apache SpamAssassin 3.2.0 thru 3.2.5 will trigger on most mail with a Date header that includes the year 2010 or later.  The rule will add a score of up to 3.6 towards the spam classification of all email.  You should take corrective action immediately; there are two easy ways to correct the problem:

  • If your system is configured to use sa-updaterun sa-update now.  An update is available that will correct the rule.  No further action is necessary (other than restarting spamd or any service that uses SpamAssassin directly).
  • Add "score FH_DATE_PAST_20XX 0" without the quotes to the end of your file to disable the rule.

If you require help updating your rules to correct this issue you are encouraged to ask for assistance on the Apache SpamAssassin Users' list.  Users' mailing list info is here.


Would you use a Ubuntu Server OS for your Domino Server? Wouldn´t it be very nice to have Lotus Domino supported on a free Linux platform like Ubuntu, with guaranteed updates, without the hazzle of subscription fees, accounts and so on?

If you say yes, then you are not alone ;-). Over the years I got in contact with many domino administrators who like to use Ubuntu Server as there Domino OS. But because of the reason that it isn´t supported nobody does it in a big range. Many from us know that Domino runs fine on Debian or Ubuntu Server for years. Its only a IBM support issue we are talking here about ;-).


So if you would need it what could be done?

  • Create a SPR (Service Problem Request) via the IBM Support Website and ask them to add a "Feature Request" with the following content in it: "Please create a (or raise a existing) SPR for us which includes the following:  Support for IBM Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server"
  • Contact your local IBM contact and ask him for Ubuntu server support for Lotus Domino.
  • Ask the IBMers at Lotusphere.
  • Make sure IBM notice that there are requests for that, and that customers want it.


Other Links:

YouAtNotes Blog: Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server Linux - convince IBM to add Ubuntu as certified system!

IdeaJam: Support Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server


Please note:

We are not talking about the Notes Client which is already supported on Ubuntu, we are talking about the Lotus Domino Server.