Would you use a Ubuntu Server OS for your Domino Server? Wouldn´t it be very nice to have Lotus Domino supported on a free Linux platform like Ubuntu, with guaranteed updates, without the hazzle of subscription fees, accounts and so on?

If you say yes, then you are not alone ;-). Over the years I got in contact with many domino administrators who like to use Ubuntu Server as there Domino OS. But because of the reason that it isn´t supported nobody does it in a big range. Many from us know that Domino runs fine on Debian or Ubuntu Server for years. Its only a IBM support issue we are talking here about ;-).


So if you would need it what could be done?

  • Create a SPR (Service Problem Request) via the IBM Support Website and ask them to add a "Feature Request" with the following content in it: "Please create a (or raise a existing) SPR for us which includes the following:  Support for IBM Lotus Domino on Ubuntu Server"
  • Contact your local IBM contact and ask him for Ubuntu server support for Lotus Domino.
  • Ask the IBMers at Lotusphere.
  • Make sure IBM notice that there are requests for that, and that customers want it.


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Please note:

We are not talking about the Notes Client which is already supported on Ubuntu, we are talking about the Lotus Domino Server.