The OpenNTF Alliance announces and publishes today a new web site dedicated for XPages developers.


Feel free to visit It is the new entry point to XPages, a rapid web and mobile application development platform powered by IBM Lotus Domino.

For new XPages developers this site describes how to get started and it summarizes the available resources. The site also contains demonstrations for what types of applications can be built using XPages.

There is also a federated list of daily news about XPages from blogs, OpenNTF projects, WIKI articles, etc. that XPages developers can use to stay up to date. is managed by the OpenNTF Alliance, a group of equal members with the mission to increase the quality and quantity of IBM Lotus Domino templates, applications and samples that are shared by the community. The same web site is also accessible under

The site contains freely and publically available content and links to content about XPages.

The template of this home page is based on the XPages Extension Library and available as open source on OpenNTF - Home Page Template.