If you are using Lotus Traveler, you maybe miss a very important feature missing, i.e. ability to set your Out of Office while you are on the road. Extracomm released now a short (and currently free) application which should fill this gap.

This solution consists of two parts:
1) Out of Office (OOO) iPhone App
2) Out of Office (OOO) server component

When you start the OOO iPhone App, it will connect to the Domino server where the OOO server component has been installed. The OOO server component will then connect to the corresponding user mail server to get/set the Out of Office profile.

The OOO server component has two parts:
1) Servlet for listening requests
2) Add-in task for executing the requests

Note: Currently, this OOO server component supports Windows only, for both 32-bit and 64-bit Domino server. Linux Domino server will be supported later.

More infos can be found here: http://www.extracomm.com/TravelerOOO