IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.1 is out now!  Lotus Sametime 8.5.1 extends the capabilities of Sametime 8.5 to additional desktop operating systems and mobile device operating systems, providing comprehensive support for all of the most popular desktop and mobile device operating systems. {readmorelink}[...]{/readmorelink}


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A customer called me this week and asked me how he can prevent that Google add his Sametime server to the searchengine index.

This behavior can be controlled by the robots.txt or by a robots meta tag. I offered him two options:


Option 1:

1.) Create a robots.txt with the content:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

2.) place it into the ..\data\domino\html\ folder.

For more infos see: "How to prevent a Web crawler from indexing content on your Domino server".


Option 2:

1. Open stcenter.nsf in the Domino Designer

2. Open the  form "Sametime Dynamic Home"

3. Open the object "HTML Head Content" and add the following line above the <meta content=.........> line:

4. Save and close the form.

This will add the line <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"> to the HTML of the StCenter homepage.

IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5 represents the next generation of unified communications and collaboration software:

  • A new online meeting experience that is integrated into the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client. Join a meeting with a single click. Easily invite others by dragging their names from the contact list. Accept meeting invitations with a single click. Upload meeting materials via simple drag and drop.
  • New zero-download, browser-based chat and meeting clients that extend the desktop experience to wherever the user is working.
  • A new standards-based audio and video infrastructure that enables more seamless interoperability with third party audio and video conferencing systems.
  • New audio and video codecs that provide higher quality native voice and video services for a more compelling collaborative experience out-of-the-box.
  • New Web 2.0 APIs that let developers embed Sametime capabilities into Web sites and applications so users switch context less.
  • A new, browser-based Apple iPhone chat client, support for the Blackberry Storm, and an improved mobile client for Microsoft® Windows® Mobile devices.
  • New social views that make it easier to find the people you collaborate with the most.
  • Deeper integration with Microsoft and Lotus products


Estimated Release Date
December 22, 2009: Electronic software delivery
January 15, 2010: Media and documentation


Sametime 8.5 QuickLinks
Sametime 8.5 Information Center:
Contains online information and PDFs for planning, installation, configuration, administration, tuning, troubleshooting, the error message catalog, as well as End-User FAQs, the Preview guide, videos, and reference cards:


Download Instructions:

Technotes/Release Notes:
Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the Support knowledge base at As problems are discovered and resolved, the IBM Support team updates the knowledge base. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find work-arounds or solutions to problems.


Source: Sametime Blog

When you have a Sametime Server which doesn´t have SSL activated but a http Server who has SSL activated you might see the problem that sametime isn´t working.

To solve this you need to add:


to your Domino Webserver notes.ini.

More infos can be found here .

Do you have a Sametime 8 Server? Do you like the Sametime Unyte advertisement on your Sametime Server?


Sametime Unyte Link

No? Then open the sametime.ini and search for EnableUnyteHomepageUI=1 change it to EnableUnyteHomepageUI=0, restart your server and the advertisement is away.