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Short Description: Domino 6.5.4 (and later), 6.5.2 Fix Pack 1 (FP1) and 6.5.3 FP3 include an additional Notes.INI parameter, DebugMailMaxBlockRuleSize=n which specifies the size (in bytes) of rules which should be ignored. It is recommended that a value of 5000 bytes be use

If the issue continues to occur then lower the value in increments of 1000. Note: It is recommended that the above parameter be applied only in environments experiencing the issue. In order to catch block sender lists that could cause crashes, the fix needs to intercept and decompile all formulas >n and then check if it is a block sender rule. Applying this parameter unnecessarily could introduce a performance slowdown related to formulas. Although the issue occurs at the 15K limit, it can happen at lower limits depending on the platform involved; this is why we recommend using a value of 5000 bytes to ensure server stability. When the parameter is set, and a user has not modified an existing block sender rule list, and the list is greater than n in size, then when the router attempts to deposit a message into a User's mail file it will skip the block sender rule and record the following error in the log: mm/dd/yyyy 19:09:19 Error registering mail rule 1 for database mail/user.nsf: Quoted string is too long. mm/dd/yyyy 19:09:20 Router: Message 0000D394 delivered to Test User/Tst Mail Client * SPR# KTIS5W8NZK - Fixed a router crash which occurred after trying to deliver a message. For this fix, we changed the way we handle stored Blocked lists. The formula will process the list at run time instead of at compile time.

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