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Short Description: Increases the default return limit for FT searches.

The Notes.ini variable FT_Max_Search_Results overrides this limit for indexed databases or databases that are not indexed but that are running in an agent on the client For a database that is not indexed and is running in an agent on the server, you must set the Temp_Index_Max_Doc Notes.ini variable as well. The absolute maximum is 2,147,483,647. Use FT_Max_Search_Results to restrict the number of full-text hits. By default, the full-text search engine has a limit of 5,000 documents. The functionality of how that 5,000 document limit is applied differs between the new GTR-34 search engine and the prior version of the search engine. With the prior version of the search engine, the 5,000 document search limit did not limit the number of documents returned by the agent search builder; if 100,000 documents matched, the agent acted on all 100,000 documents. However, the GTR-34 search engine does enforce the 5,000 document limit in agent searches. Regardless of how many documents match the search criteria, only 5,000 documents are acted upon by the agent.

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Domino 7 Performance Tuning Redbook

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