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Short Description: Specifies the language for a document summary in search results whenever the language in the document is not supporte


If this setting does not appear in the NOTES.INI file, the native language from the locale is used as the default language for the Summarizer. If it is set to the NULL string, English is used as the default language. Additionally, it can be set to any language, such as Dutch. Whenever the Summarizer assigns a language to a document, and the Summarizer is unable to summarize in that language, the Summarizer attempts to summarize using the default language instead. Please note that if the native language is one that is not yet supported, such as Japanese, FT_Summ_Default_Language should be set to NULL or English. Whenever the Summarizer cannot summarize a document because it is too short or because it cannot summarize in the language specified, neither an error message nor a summary is produced.

Valid values (supported languages) are as follows. If a locale's native language is not supported, use a value of NULL or english.

  • bokmal
  • danish
  • default (You can use this value for the locale's native language, if supported.)
  • dutch
  • english
  • finnish
  • french
  • german
  • italian
  • NULL (English will be the language used.)
  • nynorsk
  • portugue (Use this value for the Portuguese language.)
  • spanish
  • swedish


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Domino 7 Performance Tuning Redbook

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