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Short Description: Defines the size of Group-Cache Values


In Lotus Domino, the group cache is limited to a pool of 64K. You can see this by having different users access any database on the server. If you do memory dumps and watch the block code 0x0A09, you will see that it never grows beyond 64K. This causes the server to go to the disk more often when building the group listing for users who access the server.

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering and has been addressed in Domino 6.0 and 5.0.11 by increasing the default size to 4MB and adding a server notes.ini parameter Group_Cache_Size, which allows you to set the cache size up to 10MB. The parameter is specified in KBytes.

For example: To set the size to 10MB, you would use the entry: Group_Cache_Size=10240

SPR# LDEY56EKRF - The group cache was previously limited to 64 K of data. With 5.0.11, the size has been increased to go from 64 K to 10 Meg, with a default size of 4 Meg.

Default value:

Group_cache_size=64K to 10MB

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