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Short Description: Set a global HTTP Error Page


The original R5.x model or R6.x queue of requests model can be selected. This variable is for Notes 6.5.4 FP1 and later. 

To have an error page that handles all 404 errors, including those from missing files in the html folder, set the following entry in the server's notes.ini file or in the server's configuration document:


The value (/error.html) must point to an HTML page that has anonymous access. The error page URL is relative to the server's base domain. For example, for the Web site, the error page is Since pages or forms in databases have not worked, it has to be an HTML file that is stored in data/domino/html.

After putting the file on the server and updating the notes.ini file, you must restart the server for the changes to be accepted. 


SPR# MKIN6JMMZQ - Customer reported that their custom error pages were not being served up in ND6. In R5, they had added the following to their httpd.cnf file: ErrorPage multi /error.html. This would cause the contents of error.html to be served up if a bogus filesystem URL was received (http://server/doesnotexist.txt). This no longer works in ND6. The fix submitted for this SPR requires the use of the following notes.ini: HTTPMultiErrorPage=/error.html. This regression was introduced in 6.0. This is fixed in 7.0.2

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