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Short Description: Will allow mailfile converting with loss of /Seen flags


SPR# PBAO5NCC3F - This fix addresses the conversion of /Seen flags of an R5 enabled mailfile to Domino 6 IMAP unread marks. Some mailfiles lost these flags on conversion, particularly those that were never accessed by Notes clients.

This fix will prevent the loss of these flags when there is no mailfile owner information available, and provides a new convert utility parameter to specify the username (mailfile owner) for whom the unread marks should be applied. The Notes.ini "DEBUG_IMAP_CONVERT=1", will log informational messages about unread table information during conversion from R5 imap to D6 imap. Also, the Notes.ini parameter "IMAP_CONVERT_ALLOW_LOST_SEEN_FLAGS=1" will revert behavior and allow conversion to succeed with loss of /Seen flags.

A new capability on the convert utility to specify the username whose unread table should be updated with seen flags. For example: convert -e mail\jdoe.nsf -z"CN=John Doe/O=ACME". This is case senstive, and double quotes are required. This can be used when there is no calendar profile note or mailfile owner item.

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Imap_Convert_Allow_Lost_Seen_Flags=0 / 1


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Bastian W.