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Short Description: It Specifies the size of CACHE.DSK in kilobytes.


InitialCacheQuota entered as integer, sets the cache size in kb. It Specifies the size of CACHE.DSK in kilobytes. Example InitialCacheQuota=1024 This parameter expects values in 1024 increments (1024, 2048, 3072, etc.). If the CACHE.DSK is deleted when this INI parameter is in use, the file will be recreated the next time Notes starts, with the same maximum limit. (The default size will not apply.) To verify that this quota has been properly set, right-click on any part of the Notes workspace and select Workspace Properties from the pop-up menu. The Workspace Properties dialog box appears. The Information tab should read "Use no more than 3 MB locally for server based design elements such as forms and sub-forms"

Default value:
5192 K

UI equivalent:
You can adjust this setting by right clicking anywhere on the notes workspace desktop and clicking Workspace Properties and then go to the advanced tab.

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Bastian W.