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Short Description: specify a special user-defined style sheet to control font sizes when printing


Set this variable to 1, so that you can specify a special user-defined style sheet to control font sizes when printing. For example, in some Linux environments if the display resolution is set lower than default (by editing XF86Config file), text prints larger than expected. When that happens, you can adjust font size using a user-defined style sheet. The style sheet is a file resource named "userPrint.css" in FORMS7.nsf. You can use the style rules in userPrint.css as a template and adjust the style by editing it. To learn how you can control styles, see the comments in userPrint.css. To edit the style sheet, open FORMS7.nsf in Domino Designer and locate the file in Shared Resources - Files.

0 - Disabled
1 - Enabled -- you can specify a user style sheet


SPR# KMOA6BEF7H - Introduced a new Notes.ini variable, "iNotes_WA_PrintUserStyleSheet" to specify a user defined style sheet for printing. This problem is specifically for the Linux environnment, where the display resolution is set to lower than the default and the print result would be larger than expected. A fix for this SPR has been developed but is currently undergoing testing. IBM reserves the right to remove this fix from the targeted release if it does not pass quality assurance tests. Please consider this information to be provisional. Do not base irreversible business decisions on this information until this notice has been removed. SPR # KMOA6BEF7H Fixed in release: 6.5.5

Default value:

iNotes_WA_PrintUserStyleSheet=0 / 1


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Lotus Domino Administrator 7 Help

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Bastian W.