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Short Description: Specifies the character set a POP3 server uses when downloading mail messages to a POP3 client.

Specifies the character set a POP3 server uses when downloading mail messages to a POP3 client. value corresponds to a character set as follows:
Character set groupLanguage: Encoding character setMIME name MailCharSet value
Western Codepage 1252"usascii"82<nozeros>
WesternCodepage 1252"us-ascii"82<nozeros>
WesternISO Latin-1 (8859)"iso-8859-1"32<nozeros>
WesternMac Script Roman"x-mac-roman"96<nozeros>
Central EuropeanCodepage 1250"cp1250" *80<nozeros>
Central EuropeanISO Latin-2 (8859-2)"iso-8859-2"33<nozeros>
TurkishISO Latin-3 (8859-3)"iso-8859-3"34<nozeros>
TurkishISO Latin-5 (8859-9)"iso-8859-9"40<nozeros>
TurkishCodepage 1254 "cp1254" *84<nozeros>
TaiwaneseBig5, Codepage 950"big5"26<nozeros>
ThaiCodepage 874 "cp874" *144<nozeros>
Simplified ChinesePRC Chinese: GB,GBK"gb2312"27<nozeros>
GreekISO 8859-7"iso-8859-7"38<nozeros>
GreekCodepage 1253"cp1253" *83<nozeros>
CyrillicCodepage 1251"cp1251" *81<nozeros>
CyrillicISO 8859-5"iso-8859-5"36<nozeros>
Baltic RimISO Latin-4 (8859-4)"iso-8859-4"35<nozeros>
Baltic RimCodepage 1257"cp1257" *87<nozeros>
ArabicISO 8859-6"iso-8859-6"37<nozeros>
ArabicCodepage 1256 "cp1256" *86<nozeros>
HebrewISO 8859-8"iso-8859-8"39<nozeros>
HebrewCodepage 1255 "cp1255" * 85<nozeros>

* On Windows-based servers, the MIME prefix is "windows-" rather than "cp", for example, "windows-1254."

If you do not use this setting, the POP3 server looks for a WWWDSP_Codepage value, if this setting is added. (WWWDSP_Codepage controls the character set used by the Web Navigator and accepts the same values as MailCharSet.)

Default value:
None, although if this setting is omitted and there is no WWWDSP_Codepage setting, the POP3 server uses the us-ascii character set.

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Domino 5 Administration Help

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