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Short Description: Allows you to controll how many messages will the Domino mail router dispatch before transferring them.

How many messages will the Lotus® Domino® mail router dispatch before transferring them?
The mail router will dispatch all messages in by default. One dispatch thread will work toward dispatching all messages in the

While the Router is dispatching messages, no messages will be transferred or delivered. Additionally, during this state, the Router cannot accept any TELL commands.

The Router must be able to allocate memory to support addressing each recipient in every message in the when dispatching messages.

If you see performance issues during this time, consider using one of the following parameters to avoid the performance hit. Before doing so, you should note the following:

Set to a value that reflects the number of messages to dispatch. Once the threshold is reached, the dispatched messages are transferred to the transfer/delivery threads.

This parameter should be used only when using one

The dispatch thread will not process additional messages until the transfer/delivery threads complete processing, when the MailMaxMessageQueue parameter is used on a server with multiple files.

On a heavily-loaded server, the delay could last a long time.

If low-priority messages are in the MAIL.BOX files, message delivery and transfer could be postponed until the low-priority messages are dispatched.



Use with caution in multi-mailbox configurations as time delays may be introduced in processing which can be significant.

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