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Short Description: Specifies how and when folder should be upgraded when a new client version is installed.


Used in Seamless Mail Upgrade for controlling the upgrade of the design of a user's mail file folders. The value of this variable is set during the upgrade process, when the user is prompted to respond to the "Upgrade Folder Design" dialog box.

If the user has upgraded their mail file successfully, the value of this variable is set to 1 when the user logs in to the Notes client for the first time since the upgrade. When the user opens the mail file, the Upgrade Folder Design dialog box appears.

  • If the user clicks Automatic Upgrade, the folder design will be upgraded to the default Notes 6 folder style, and the MailUpgradeFolder variable will be set to the same value as the value of the environment variable Setup in the upgraded Notes Client.
  • If the user clicks Manual Upgrade, the user will be prompted to select the mail folders to upgrade, as well as the design to upgrade the selected folders to. The MailUpgradeFolder variable will not change.
  • If the user clicks Cancel, the folder design will not be upgraded and the MailUpgradeFolder variable will not change.


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Lotus Domino Administrator 7 Help

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