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Short Description: This produces a lot of output, which will show all the notifications being loaded when the Event Monitor starts, show the amount of Event Pool consumed initially, and show what is generating events on the server. You must take steps to capture the output,

You can assess the amount of memory just to store the monitoring and notification configuration in events4.nsf, while the server is running. Stop the Event Monitor ("tell event quit"), set the parameter (set config Debug_Event=1), start the Event Monitor ("load event"), look for the pool sizes ("Event pool size = 90112 bytes, used = 84214 bytes"), and reset and restart. ("tell event quit", "set config Debug_Event=", "load event") Here is some sample output from Debug_Event=1, with Debug_Threadid=1, showing the default events4.nsf configuration, and other threads actually issuing the "Cannot record event" message. Event_Pool_Size was artificially limited, and Agent Manager messages were added to events4.nsf.

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