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Short Description: Defined how much data can be returned by the NameLookup


By default lookups can be up to 1MB. But Server Administrators can define how much data can be returned in a single call by setting the NameLookup_MAX_MB. It is also used to define the data which can be returned by the NameLookup2 c API.



For IBM Lotus Domino 8.5, Home Servers is the only auto-populate method available.

When you are creating a group and specifying group members in the Members field, if large numbers of names are retrieved from the Domino Directory, you may reach a limit as to how many names can be retrieved. If you reach the name lookup limit, you will see the following Domino Domain Monitor (DDM) event when viewing DDM events:

    Search for auto-populated group members failed for group Server1MBUsers.: NAMELookups are limited on this server to a size smaller than what would be returned. See your Domino Administrator for more information..

To prevent this from happening, use the following server NOTES.INI setting to increase the limit from 1MB to a value greater than one.


Start by increasing the value to 2MB and continue increasing the value until you do not reach a limit as to the number of names that can be retrieved.

Default value:
None (means 1 MB)



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Server and Workstation

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