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Short Description: Will disable the namelookup cache on the server


NLCACHE_DISABLE=1 will disable the namelookup cache on the server that is used when entering a user name or group in the To field of a mail message. The namelookup cache was implemented as a convenience so that the ambiguous names dialog box will not continue to appear when the same name is typed in. The only difference between enabling and disabling the cache is that when disabled, the user is required to select the desired name from the ambiguous names dialog box before they send the message.

Supporting Information: Implementing this parameter in the NOTES.INI will not have a performance impact on the server. The view that the namelookup is done from is the ($Users) view in the Domino Directory of the server, and the Personal Name & Address book of the client. When Domino is first started, ($Users) is loaded into memory in the NIF pool. It is left in memory until the last user is done with it. Since the server is always using this view, it remains in memory. On the client side, the ($Users) view in the local Personal Name & Address book is also kept in memory until the client is shut down. As a result, the data is never being loaded from disk and will not hinder performance.

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NLCache_Disable=0 / 1


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