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Short Description: Controls the PluginsWarningOptions

SPR# CJON5FFRBG - Error "This document contains information which can only be viewed by the correct plug-in" is received after opening a mail message that contains a .wav file. Hitting cancel will remove the error and display the attachment, which you can then view. This problem was fixed in 6.0.2.

The following notes.ini has also been added to enhance this fix: "PluginsWarningOption":
PluginsWarningOption =1 - a message should appear on the Status Bar: "There is no Plug-in to handle the specified object type"
PluginsWarningOption =2 - no notification about plugins not found, this is the "Silent" mode
PluginsWarningOption=0 or any other value>2 - the warning dialog box should appear (current behavior)
PluginsWarningOption not present in notes.ini - the warning dialog box should appear (current behavior)

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Bastian W.